Poetry by Nancy McLelland
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Abuelo: A Grandfather Poem

Christmas Party: Bernalillo County Medical Center

Coming Back from Carmel

Epitaph for a Mountain

Fall Moon

Happy Birthday to Me

he does not

I Like the Way

I Will Know When I Get There

It’s Like That: Remorse About the Way You Raised Your Kid

It’s Like That

A Series of Laundromat Poems Written in the Sixites

Lucretius Visits Tuscarora

Memento Mori in Five Syllables



Nocturne for Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Old Mother to Middle-Aged Daughter

Sadder Than Thou

Secular Grace

Seeing Red

Semi-Haiku: Hitting Eighty

Suicide Note (not mine)

The Resentments You Carry

The Resumidero

The Tuscarora Painter Makes a Request

Two Poems about My Sister

Unabomber Guys

Wreck, New Year’s Eve

Your Life Is Scattered on the Lawn

Your Life Passes



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