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  Eight poems from Tuscarora




The text of these poems can be found in
Complete Works

"Epitaph for a Mountain"
"I Will Know When I Get There"
"Josie L. Sullivan Dies in Tuscarora at 72"
"Lucretius Visits Tuscarora"
"Memento Mori in Five Syllables"
"The Tuscarora Painter Makes a Request"
"Secular Grace"
"Seeing Red"

The graphic designs are by artist
Joan Giannecchini

The set includes the manila envelope
and eight poetry cards, each of which is
suitable for mailing as a postcard or
framing as an art piece.


1 set of poetry cards $18.00
postage and handling $2.00
Total $20.00

To Order: email Nancy McLelland
Or send a check to her at
745 N. Bush Street
Ukiah, Ca. 95482

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